Electroplating technology

We have been supplying all textile filters for functional and decorative electroplating for 45 years. In close cooperation with our customers, we optimise electrolyte filtration together. Best quality and the economic efficiency of all processes are our focus. We also offer a wide range of filter cloths for waste water treatment, tailored to your company.

Suitable products (selection)

Filter cloths

Our most often selled filter cloth. No extras. High durability at a cheap price.

Information about WINKLER F-TEX Classic

Smooth surface. Hardly any adhesion. Universally applicable.

Information about WINKLER F-TEX Brillant black

High-quality filter cloth for almost all requirements

Information about WINKLER F-TEX Brillant sun

Anode bags

Developed for high demands in surface finishing and PCB production. Proven millions of times over.

Information about WINKLER PLATE-TEX Classic

Developed for highest demands in refinement by optically demanding nickel surfaces.

Information about WINKLER PLATE-TEX Brillant

Here the filter fineness is the measure of all things. For high-end surfaces and maximum process reliability.

Information about WINKLER PLATE-TEX micro


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