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for every process, the perfect product

our know how and 45 years of industry experience – for your benefit

Information & products about Electroplating

minimization of sulfuric acid aerosol

we are the leading provider of filters for anodization

Information & products about Anodization

blind holes, fine-tracks – our area

for the galvanic processes in manufacturing circuit boards – WINKLER filters!

Information & products about Circuit boards

drain tapping fluid economically

for every machining situation the correct filter medium – turning, milling, grinding or honing

Information & products about Metalworking

filters for products and sewage

high quality products and safe filtration for sewage

Information & products about Colors & varnish

geotextiles for various applications

we manufacture products from geotextiles for civil engineering, horticulture and landscaping

Information & products about Civil engineering

water – our most valuable good

products for defecators, disposal companies and trade

Information & products about Disposal

filtering beverages and oils

filter clothes for "normal" filtration and precoat filtration

Information & products about Groceries & pharmaceutical